Carol's Story

Carol was a resident at our Starick House Refuge.
We have changed her name to protect her identity.

Carol and her two children escaped her ex-husband, who was very violent towards her and their children.

She arrived at our Starick House Refuge  shy, distraught and upset, but quickly came out of her shell, and grew in confidence as she was no longer forced to live in the violent and abusive environment.

The children were courageous and strong, and showed resilience in settling into their new environment.

Inevitably, they were also sleeping well and doing much better at school after leaving the family home.

With support from Starick staff, Carol’s next step is to create a future free from violence for herself and her children. She is keen to rediscover the independence stolen from her, get a job, move into her own home and, in her own words, “never look back!”

Here’s what she said about her experience at Starick House:

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