Yoga for trauma

Lived Experience

Yoga classes are currently held for one hour on a weekly basis at both refuges.

The service is provided by a professional yoga teacher who not only gives her time but has also raised money through fund raising. These funds have allowed us to purchase yoga mats for the women to take with them when leaving the refuge.

Yoga offers participants peace, focus and relaxation, all of which are helpful for women having experienced abuse, violence or stress. 

Yoga assists the body in releasing trauma. By practising breathing techniques, yoga helps participants let go of past traumas and intense emotions. 

Yoga is a practise that emphasises the importance of listening to the body as participants focus on different poses. It teaches self-care and respect for one’s body and strengthens the mind - an important skill to develop for victims leaving abusive relationships and making the choice to start a new way of life. 

Feedback from the women who are engaged with Starick's yoga programme have indicated its effectiveness - “Yoga gives me a space”, said one participant, while others reported a strong sense of emotional release and all-important time for self. 

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