Baby Massage

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There are many reasons why mothers may not feel an instantaneous bond with their babies. These include a tough pregnancy, traumatic birth, feeding issues, sleep issues and post natal depression. Experiencing the trauma of family and domestic violence can lie at the root of many of these problems, or can make an existing problem much, much worse.

Our baby massage program for mothers and babies traumatised by family and domestic violence is offered within our refuges and seeks to strengthen the bond between mothers and babies.

Throughout our baby massage program, mothers learn to provide massage therapy and nurturing touch to their babies.

Bonding lies at the heart of a baby’s later emotional development, and without a secure emotional connection from a very young age a baby is likely to face relationship challenges later in life.

Research shows that the physical, psychological and behavioral consequences of family and domestic violence impact not just the child and family, but the community as a whole.

Baby massage is just one of the ways we seek to break the cycle of family and domestic violence.

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