Ways Your Donation Helps

Your donation to Starick allows us to offer a baby massage program for mums and babies traumatised by domestic and family  violence.


Ways Your Donation Helps

Your organisation's donation to Starick helps us support women and children escaping domestic and family violence.

Starick Christmas

Ways Your Donation Helps

Your donation to Starick helps us provide women and children escaping domestic and family violence with little extras at special times.

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Ways Your Donation Helps

Donating goods to Starick helps us support women and children escaping domestic and family violence.

Kids camp

Ways Your Donation Helps

Your donation to Starick helps us provide country holidays to women and children escaping family and domestic violence.


Ways Your Donation Helps

Donating goods to Starick helps us support women and children escaping domestic and family violence.

Some of the important services and programs we provide are not supported by government funding and we must raise the funds ourselves in a variety of ways, including:

  • Applying for grants.
  • Using revenue from the Starick Op Shop.
  • Receiving donations of money and goods.
  • Fundraising campaigns and events.
  • Partnering with community organisations.
  • Securing corporate sponsorship.

Scroll down to learn more and see what others are doing to support us.

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Financial Donations

Financial Donations

Financial donations are the simplest way for you to help Starick provide the support that is essential to our clients. This is because financial donations enable us to direct money where it is most needed at any one time, by building on the core services that we are already providing with government funding.

Financial abuse is part of the pattern of domestic violence. It can render women without any income in the short term and keep them in poverty for years after the relationship has ended.

Many women who come into our refuges have no access to money and they often rely on us for financial support to meet their basic needs.  Meeting these basic needs is part of keeping women safe.

Starick is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, ABN 56 721 993 085. This means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

You can donate securely online using our encrypted payments service (see below), either on a one-off or regular basis, or send a cheque to us at PO Box 174 Cloverdale WA 6985.

If you would like to donate to Starick and choose how your donation is used, you can do this too. For instance, some of our donors specify that funds are to be used for a particular program or used for clothing and other supplies at the refuge.

Financial Donations: Every Dollar Counts

The following information will give you a sense of just how much money we need to raise to provide services to women and children escaping domestic and family violence. Any financial donation - no matter how small - can assist us in enhancing and increasing the support we are able to provide to women and children at risk.

What $50 can buy

  • $50 would enable us to provide emergency provisions, toiletries and groceries to one woman arriving at our refuge with nothing but the clothes she stands up in.

What $100 can buy

  • $100 would enable us to send one of our mum on a “Baby and Child First Aid” course.
  • $100 would enable us to provide back-to-school basics for one of the children living at our refuge.
  • $100 would enable us to cover the cost of one child participating in an engaging program of fun school holiday activities.
  • $100 would enable us to run one baby massage session, aimed at helping traumatised mothers and babies re-establish their bond.

What $1,000 or more can buy

  • $1,000 would enable us to provide financial assistance to a woman with no resources of her own because of financial abuse.
  • $1,000 would enable us to provide a starter pack of basic household items, electrical appliances and linen to two families transitioning from refuge accommodation into their own subsidised rental property.
  • $2,000 would enable us to run a two-day Lived Experience writing and confidence-building programme for up to seven women.
  • $6,000 would enable us to fund a specialist children's counsellor for one month.
  • $20,000 would enable us to continue offering a full-time domestic violence advocacy service at Armadale Police Station.
Starick major donors and sponsors

More Ideas and Ways You Can Help

We are always ready to discuss ways you can support us, and we're open to hearing all your ideas. Give us a call on 9478 5300 for an obligation-free chat about what you or your organisation can do to help.


Fund a Family Camp

Like Vivienne Stewart and Mandy Loton, you could fund a family camp or other activity for women and their children.

Vivienne and Mandy fund a good, old-fashioned family camp in country WA. Their donation provides women and their children with some time out and a range of activities to build self confidence and strengthen relationships between mothers and their children. For many families, the camp is their first holiday away together.

Sponsor a Starick Family

You could follow the lead of the New Apostolic Church in Rivervale WA, and provide goods to a family for a year to help them get back on their feet.

This local church group sponsors a family with a fortnightly food hamper and gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.

Run a Fundraiser on our Behalf

You could run a fundraising campaign amongst your friends or colleagues and donate the funds to Starick - it's easy to do via our charity page on Gofundraise.

We receive donations from organisations, individuals and community groups who support our services throughout the year, and who also schedule fundraising events on our behalf.

Need some ideas? Here are some examples of individuals and groups who donated the proceeds of their event to us:

  • Soroptimists of South Perth ran an annual fundraising breakfast.
  • Maddie Mulholland and her friends organised a Clothes Swap.
  • Southern River College held a sausage sizzle fundraiser.
  • Sundowners Ladies Golf Club hosted a fundraising lunch.
  • Gelo, a local promotions organisation, organised a Craptastic fundraising quiz night
  • WA Poets ran a performance poetry event and donated the door takings.


Donate your 'Containers for Change' refunds to Starick

WA’s new container deposit scheme aims to reduce litter and increase recycling of beverage containers by offering 10c refunds on every eligible contained returned (including cans, plastic and glass bottles, but not wine bottles).

You can also donate your refund to Starick using the Starick SCHEME ID: C10289306.
To support Starick and recycle at the same time:

  • Find your closest refund point at the Containers for Change website.
  • Collect eligible drink containers (check the label to see if it carries to 10c return information).
  • Take your containers to the refund point.
  • Use the Starick Scheme ID C10289306. You can also download our barcode for scanning by clicking below.
  • The donation is the sent directly to Starick from the refund point.

Every little bit counts, and even returning just 10 containers per week for a year enables us to provide emergency food items for a woman and her children who arrive at one of our refuges with nothing.

Shop Set - Act of Delight

Special gifts

You could support us by helping arrange special gifts for our families at special times. 

This list shows you some of the incredibly generous donations of new goods made by corporate organisations, community groups and individuals over the years.

These goods directly benefit the families in our refuges and transitional homes.

Perhaps there's something on this list you'd like to donate?

  • Christmas gifts for each member of a family in our transitional homes.
  • Movie vouchers.
  • Christmas trees.
  • A leg of ham for each of the families in our transitional homes for their Christmas celebrations.
  • A table tennis table for one of our refuges.
  • An extensive selection of scrapbooking items for the children’s program in our refuges.
  • Individually fitted new bras for our refuge clients.
  • Christmas gifts specific to each woman and child in our refuges.
  • Christmas cakes.
  • Vouchers
  • Food parcels for the families.
Shop Set - Act of Delight


Donate your services

You, your organisation or community group can help us improve the wellness and quality of life of the women and children in our service. Donated services could include providing a regular gardening service, offering yoga classes, providing us with health club memberships for our clients or teaching our clients a skill to help them become independent, such as cooking classes and self defence. If you wish to offer volunteer services to the women and children in our services, contact the Starick Office on 9478 5300.

Donate Stock to our Op Shop

Our Op Shop is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and we are always on the lookout for donations of stock.


You may want to leave a lasting legacy by bequeathing something to Starick in your will. You can do this by clicking on this link, which will take you to our bequest form.

Help us break the cycle of violence

If your main interest lies in making a positive difference to the lives of children, you could support us in establishing a much-needed child-focused counselling service.

Children are the hidden victims of family or domestic violence.

Research has shown that children exposed to family, domestic and sexual violence can experience long-term effects on their development, as well as increased risk of mental health issues,  behavioural and learning difficulties.

Yet it is widely recognised across the community sector that there is a shortage of specialised free counselling in Perth's eastern metropolitan corridor for the child victims of family or domestic violence.

Because of this, Starick is striving to establish a service that offers one-on-one counselling support to children traumatised by family or domestic violence.

You can assist us in breaking the cycle of violence by donating to this program.

All Donations Are Worthwhile

Any financial donation no matter how small can assist us to enhance and increase the support we are able to provide to women and children at risk.

Donate online below, or if you prefer send a cheque to:

Starick, PO Box 174 Cloverdale  WA  6985.

Or call us on 9478 5300

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