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Starick’s vision is a community free from violence against women and children. A key to achieving this is to stop violence happening before it starts through prevention efforts which focus on generational change.

The Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program (RRTSP) has been developed by Starick in partnership with the Department of Communities and the Department of Education to support teachers and school staff to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and community partnerships to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A whole school approach to respectful relationships
  • Family, domestic and gender-based violence content is included in respectful relationships education
  • Gender equality and respect is taught across all areas of learning and curriculum
  • Responses to disclosures of experiences and/or perpetration of violence are safe
  • The whole school community and relevant community providers partner to champion prevention
  • Schools are safe spaces for students to learn, explore and disclose without fear of judgement or silencing
  • Norms, cultures and attitudes that support, condone and/or excuse family, domestic and gender-based violence are changed at the school community level


The program uses a whole school approach and supports school staff to deliver respectful relationships material within the context of the WA school curriculum.  The program has been specifically tailored for the WA context and the diverse needs of WA schools.


Curtin University is undertaking an independent evaluation of the program to guide its future direction on behalf of the Department of Communities.

The expected completion date for the final evaluation report is August 2022.


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