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Give a Gift When It Is Most Needed

  1. Purchase a Gift Card from the choices below.

  2. The Gift Card is made available to Starick field workers and Op Shop staff

  3. Starick use the Gift Card to support a woman or her children to get clothing or other items from the Op Shop when they need it.

A Little Can Mean A Lot

If you are going through a domestic violence crisis you are working very hard to organise the basics for your family. It is a tough time and unexpected extras can have a big impact on morale.

These Gift Cards help our workers not only meet people's basic needs, but something extra to lift the spirits of families in crisis.

Clothing is Critical

In an emergency there is no time to pack. To buy new clothes can be a challenge even on the best of days. In a crisis situation it can be overwhelming financially and emotionally.

We Make It Easy

The Starick Op Shop team can assemble outfits from quality donated clothing. We try to make it easy for people to find clothes they'll feel good in. One collection might be a co-ordinated set of new season clothes for winter, another might be a school ball dress with accessories for a teenager.

By sponsoring a gift outfit, you enable women and their children to choose their own clothes from the Op Shop, including the collections our team have put together. Your sponsorship supports the ongoing work of the Starick Op Shop by providing clothing for families in crisis.

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