Transitional Housing

Starick’s HOWIC Program (Housing of Women in the Community) provides transitional medium to long term housing in the south-east metropolitan area for women and children who are escaping family and domestic violence and who would otherwise have difficulty securing safe, affordable housing.

In partnership with Access Housing, Starick also provides transitional housing through the Eudoria Clustered Housing Project.

Transitional housing is primarily used to accommodate Starick clients and clients of other refuges. Fourteen families can be supported at any one time.  

Properties are located close to community services and amenities.  The location of the properties is important to facilitate our clients' return to independence and stability, and to encourage them to access the services available to them within the community, with the guidance and support of our Outreach workers.

How do I access Starick's transitional housing?

For information about accessing Starick's transitional housing, contact Starick's Outreach Worker on 9398 5039.