Our Services

Starick works alongside women and children to support them to recover from the impact of family and domestic violence, rebuild their lives, establish long term housing and independence and to link in to their communities.  Starick also provides education and raises awareness in the wider community.

Starick delivers its services through three centres:

  • The Centre for Safety and Wellbeing provides services to women and children escaping domestic violence.  These services include:
  • The Centre for Community represents Starick’s outreach and follow-up services for women and children in the community, including those who are unable to or may not want to access a refuge.
    • The SPEARS Program (Support, Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Referral Services) assists women, children and young people experiencing domestic violence through the provision of outreach services, counselling, support groups and court and legal support.
    • Supported and transitional housing through the Housing of Women in Community (HOWIC) program and the Eudoria Clustered Housing Project, delivered in partnership with Access Housing.
  • The Centre for Non Violence:
    • Provides community education to influence a broader understanding of family and domestic violence.
    • Contributes to policy and research on family and domestic violence.
    • Coordinates the Fresh Start Op Shop located at 9 Love Street Cloverdale, which is run entirely by volunteers.
    • Administers the financial assistance provided to Starick Services through grants and donations.
    • Provides coordination, business and administrative support for Starick’s service delivery areas.