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Supporting empowerment and participation is critical in creating an organisation that is safe for children and young people. It is particularly important for children and young people are victim survivors of family and domestic violence as they can be at greater risk of further abuse. They may also find it more challenging to speak up and to believe that adults will take them seriously. 


Building the capacity of staff in family and domestic violence services across the state to encourage consultation with children and young people in decision making, was a core component of the Consultation with Children and Young People’s Engagement Project. This included professional development workshops delivered by the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia to enhance staff understanding and knowledge of Child Safe Organisation National Child Safe Principle 2: Children and young people are informed about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.


In addition  a consultation resource toolkit was developed to support services ongoing engagement with children and young people. This tool kit is provided below.


Our commitment is to support children and young people to have a voice in decisions that affect them, as well as education about their right to be listened to and heard.  


We believe that including the voices of children and young people in all aspects of service delivery gives them greater control over their lives, enhances their safety and leads to the development of services that better reflect their interests and needs.  


This toolkit includes evidence-based and evidence informed resources and information for staff to engage children and young people in planning, decision making and seeking feedback into their daily practice. 

The Resource Toolkit


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